For anti-chalga and anime fans!

For Anti-Chalga and Anime fans!
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 Maka Albarn

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Maka is Soul's meister. She is the more level-headed of the two but when her anger gets the better of her, she will put her foot down. Where Soul seems to be the brawn, Maka is the brain. She always tries to think of a way to beat their opponent by exploiting the opponent's weaknesses. Her father is the Shinigami's current death scythe, she seems to hate her father for constantly flirting with other women but she still loves him. Her mother was also a scythe meister; she and Maka's father are divorced. Maka seems to be annoyed at the fact that her body has not developed yet (which is the center of some jokes in the series). She usually kicks Soul after he does something perverted or if he and Blair have been acting too friendly. Dr. Stein saw her soul and told her she was a "serious person who tries hard". Maka may have feelings for Soul due the fact she became extremely depressed when Soul was injured while trying to protect her, and get very upset when Blair flirts with him. Maka starts to develop black blood due to Soul's body being invaded by Ragnarök's black blood, transferred after Maka and Soul performed soul resonance after the event. She first awakens this power by facing off against Chrona underneath the school (though the first time it manifests itself is during the fight against Free). In this form, Maka is battle-crazed and incredibly powerful, more so than Chrona. Later in their fight, she begins to understand Chrona's wavelength more, and realizes that Chrona has never had physical contact. Their fight ends with Maka asking to become Chrona's friend.

All of Maka's attacks are used together with Soul.

* Witch Hunter: A technique used by scythe meister's. It is used by Maka and Soul resonating their soul's to focus more power into their strikes. Soul's scythe head changes to a larger, crescent moon shaped blade.
* Hexagonal Hunter: A powerful slash using the Witch Hunt technique.
* Attack of the Six: A rotating slash with a six shape after image.
* Attack of the U: A crescent slash brought from below and drags the blade upward in the shape of a U after image.
* Maka Chop: This attack is used without the help of Soul Eater. It is similar to Shinigami's Direct Noggin Shinigami Chop but with the use of a book. Its purpose is solely for comedic relief and is usually used to discipline Soul Eater or any other male that steps out of line.
* Whirlwind Cut: When using this attack Soul collects the soul wavelength around him then sends it back, the downside of this attack is that it is indiscriminate attack so it can't be used in team missions.
* Demon Hunter: A more powerful form of Witch Hunt. Maka used it in the fight with The Clown during an assignment with Death The Kid.

* Straight Hunter: An energy shockwave that cuts in a straight line, used with Demon Hunter.

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