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Ryuugu Rena ~

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13th Division 13th_captain

Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Sougyo No Kotowari
- release command ? "Namie Kotogotoku Wa Ga Tate To Nare Ikazuchi Kotogotoku Wa Ga Yaiba To Nare" ("Every Wave Become My Shield, Every Lightning Become My Sword")
Reflecting the amazing strength and wisdom that Ukitake holds, his shikai is only one of two that come in pairs (with the other set belonging to Kyouraku Shunsui). Possibly reflecting the friendship that he and Shunsui hold after being the first two to graduate from Yamamoto Genryuusais shinigami academy, his zanpakutou is very elegant in form. The release command, pronounced in a poetic form for each blade, possibly reflects their power and ability.

For the First blade:
Nami kotogotoku Be as the waves
Wa ga tate to nare Become my shield

For the second blade:
Inazuchi kotogotoku Be as lightning
Wa ga yaiba to nare Become my blade

Once the incantation completed, he grasps the single blade with two hands. The blade then transforms slowly and begins to form two blades. As the blades peel apart. The large rope-like chain at the base of the blade begins to extend and the silver plaques attached the chain begin to fall until all 5 present themselves.

The blade is now somewhat thinner than the normal zanpakutou and the crossguard is no longer present. About 250cm from where the crossguard used to be, there is a 45 degree cut on the inside of the blade where a second blade is jutting back down and parallel to the main blade. With the edge of the blade facing inward instead of outward, the blade looks very artistic and rather difficult to handle. Due to the ever so handy placement of a small Yoruichi/Soi Fong battle, we are not able to view the power that the blade holds. But surely, because he was trained by Genryuusai-sensei personally, there has got to be some power behind those blades.

Ban-Kai: Unknown

As a young man during his years in the Shinigami academy, Ukitake was the wise and kind person that everyone looked up to for guidance and friendship. His wise demeanor only reflected his power as he continued to soar through the ranks or the academy alongside his long time friend Shunsui. After being one of the first to graduate from the Shinigami Academy, he was almost guaranteed a spot on the Gotei 13. Although striking and wise, he did have flaws of his ownhis weak body.

Although not directly stated as to the ailment, Ukitake suffers from a severe illness that seems to prevent him from doing battle on several successive occasions and requires progressive treatment. How ever weak his body may be, he is still very strong in spirit and fights to protect his friends and those who exist within his division. Exuding a kind nature to everyone that works in the 13th division, Ukitake seems to care for those who he loves. After all, he fights for Kuchiki Rukia correct? Does he not risk his life against his own sensei? The lengths he is willing to go and the strength that he truly possesses only allude to fathomless depths of his commitment and friendship.

13th Division 13th_vice_captain

Shi-Kai: Nejibana
Release command: Reverse Swirl

Ban-Kai: None

Shiba Kaien served as vice captain of the Thirteenth Division under Ukitake Jyuushiro. When he was alive he often took over Ukitakes duties because of the captains illness. He wears the standard shinigami robes and has a tattoo of the Shiba familys symbol on his arm. Kaien looks almost identical to Ichigo. The only differences are Kaiens slightly longer black hair and the bottom eyelashes that seem to run in the Shiba family.

Kaien was the oldest of the Shiba siblings, and grew up in Rukongai, though the Shiba house was once one of the great noble houses. His sister Kuukaku and their younger brother Ganju dont like shinigami very much, and they are still baffled by their older brothers desire to become one. However, Kaien was very talented as a shinigami. He completed the six year curriculum of the Shinigami Academy after only two years, and went on to become vice captain of the Thirteenth.

He was the first person in Seireitei to treat Rukia like an ordinary person since her adoption into the Kuchiki family. Until he came along, she was treated with careful respect to her face and talked about and bashed behind her back. She was grateful for that, and eventually fell in love with him. She didnt pursue him because Kaien was already married to the third seat of the Thirteenth. However, Kaien did appear to take a special interest in Rukia, probably because of her detached and slightly depressed manner. Rukia tended to jump when she saw him, much to his irritation. She also followed him like a puppy following its master.

When Kaiens wife died at the hands of a hollow, Kaien swore revenge. Ukitake and Rukia accompanied him in his search. They found the hollow in its lair, and Kaien asked for permission to fight it alone. Ukitake granted permission, and Rukia watched in horror as the hollows abilities became apparent. Kaiens zanpakutou was broken as soon as he touched the hollow.

Kaien continued to fight it alone. It obviously pained him to not help his vice captain, but when Rukia asked why they could help Kaien, he told her that it would kill his pride. Rukia yells at her captain, saying that pride isnt important compared to life. He answers her calmly:

Rukia, remember this. There are two types of fights. Whenever we are in battle, we must be one of the two. The fight for life orthe fight for pride! Right nowHe is fighting for his pride! His wifes pridehis mens prideMost importantlyhis own personal pride. Dismiss this as his stubbornnessand let him fight alone like this

Those words haunt Rukia later in Ichigos fight against Grand Fisher.

Kaien held his own against the hollow for several minutes before the hollow revealed its true ability. It merged itself with Kaien, and when Ukitake stepped in, the hollow laughed maliciously and told him that he and Kaien were now the same being, because they were both spirits. It wasnt the same as possession.

Rukia, who had been Hollow-Kaiens first target, was told to run while Ukitake held it off, returned because she was afraid to face that cowardice. Ukitake was struck by his illness at that moment, and the Hollow-Kaien attacked her again. Ukitake yelled at her to kill it because it wasnt Kaien anymore. She stabbed him through the heart. Kaiens consciousness surfaced before he died and he thanked Ukitake for letting him fight alone. He thanked Rukia, and then apologized to her.

She took Kaiens body back to the Shiba house to give to Kuukaku and Ganju. From that stemmed Ganjus absolute hatred of all shinigami. Ukitake went to the Shiba house to explain to Kuukaku what had happened, and she accepted it and decided to forgive Rukia if she apologized. It took Rukia many years to work up the courage to do so.

Kuukaku and Ganju still make many of their own decisions based on what their brother would have done. Thats why Kuukaku agreed to help the Ichigo and Yoruichi. Its also why Ganju eventually came around to helping them.

Ichigo is very close to Kaien in both looks and personality, which is probably why Rukia trusted him completely in chapter 001. At the moment, there is speculation on whether or not Ichigo is Kaiens reincarnation based on them being very similar persons. If that is the case, there is further speculation on whether or not the hollow that merged with Kaiens soul is still a part of that soul, and and if that is the reason for Ichigos strength as a Vaizard the standing theory is that the shattered shaft merely released a hidden part of Ichigos soul that is being personified by Shirosaki.

Kaien was a good man and a good shinigami. He is sorely missed by the people who cared about him, but they find strength in remembering him and trying to do what he would do in times of trouble.


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