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Ryuugu Rena ~
Ryuugu Rena ~

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Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai: Ashisogi Jizou (Beast-Killing Jizou)
- release command → "Kakimushire!" ("Tear off!")
Mayuri's zanpakutou turns into a weird staff like weapon with three prongs coming out the top. Ashisogi uses poison to sever the neural connections that transfer mobility signals from your brain to your arms and legs, it produces this drug all on it's own.

Ban-Kai: Golden Ashisogi Jizou (Golden Beaste-Killing Jizou)
Mayuri's Ban-Kai is strange it looks like a giant babyish alien with a ring around it's head and a pile of swords coming out it's chest. It Converts Mayuri's blood into a poisonous fog and spreads two hundred yards in radius.

12th division captain Kurotshuchi Majuri. One of the wierdest captains in Gotei 13 since his psycholigical and physical appearances are pretty odd. We meet him for the first time on Captains Special Meeting. He proves to be cruel and not very well behaved back then since hes still in conflicts with other captains (especially with Kenpachi). Majuri is nowadays the President of the research institute of technology (he took this job after Urahara btw...). Hes tall, suspiciously looking guy with chains in his ears (sick!) and posionous, green blood (propably it is a part of his experiments).

Majuri took Uraharas place after Kisuke was delayed from Soul Society because of his researches.From the very beginning he proves to be cruel and spoiled. He is able to took shinigamis life just to increase valuability of his researches. Propably he created his own body during one of the experiments, since it is very hard to destroy his soul form. Every time when his actual body is destroyed he turns into liquid and go back to his laboratory to create another body. Although it takes some time to restore his powers and make his body look like before. Majuris history is unclear since we dont know much about him. One is certain, he was one of the shinigamis who gave orders to vanish Quincy race 200 years before Bleach plot starts. Since that day he was researching quincys body to find clues about their powers. He is also responsible for Ishidas grandfather death.

Kurotshuchi meets Ishida on his way and instantly wanted to research young quincys body. Fortunatelly Uryuu was powerfull enough to defeat Majuri (even in his Ban Kai state, -proves that quincy race had tremendous power). Battle was long and took a lot of damage to both sides (Ishida was pushed to use stg like BanKai for quincys, he reached his limits of power and easily defeated Majuri). During the fight Kuritshichi even deadly hurted his own vice captain - Namu (after all shes his daughter) just to defeat quincy, but even with that he wasnt able to strike down Ishida. Also in the middle of the battle he was honest enough to admit that he was the one who told shinigamis to capture Ishidas grandpa.

Along with weird Majuris appearances comes his Zanpaktou abbilities. In the normal state it looks like an ordinary soul slayer but after "Kakimushire! Ashisogi Jizou! it turns into something like Poseidons lance and... it just smells horribly bad... Jizou abbilites are certainly weak, cause it only can poison enemy by smell. Even its BanKai form is not powerfull enough to defeat normal opponent. It reminds giant baby with blades upcoming from stomach... and it still smells awful. Despite that Majuri used to tell that he would split apart Kenpachis body in no time... yeah...

Majuri is also very self-confident and believes in his potential and abbilities. Hes also lazy in retrieving and obeying any orders and when problem is not basically connected with him, hes not interfiering (when Aizen betrayed Gotei 13 and all captains were called to stop him, Kurotshuchi said no, its not my problem and stayed home).

Despite that hes quite interesting personallity and it would be great to see his battle with Urahara, since Kisuke never told anything good about Majuri and his researches...

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Zanpakutou info:

Description: It is not known if she even has a Zanpakutou, having been created by Kurotsuchi Mayuri, her direct Taicho and so-called father. Because she is also nearly constantly around him, she probably has no need to call one into combat either unless he commands her to.

Shi-Kai: None

Ban-Kai: None

Nemu was created by Mayuri, from his own blood and other sources. Thus she is intensely loyal to him and feels only respect and affection for him even though he does not treat her as a person, or even his daughter, but more a slave. Despite her suffering she appears to be highly adept at demon arts, and is also immune to his poison created by his Zanpakutou, Ashisogi Jizou.

Nemu appears with Mayuri during the first day or so of the ryoka invasion, receiving a hell butterfly with an update on the situation. Informing Mayuri of the proceedings, she then follows him to the 4th Squad Medical Relief Station, where Mayuri tries to use force to get information out of Madarame Ikkaku about the ryoka. When Nemu tries to stop him from using his power, she is silenced and threatened. Madarame, seeing this, responds that he has no information whatsoever about the ryoka, risking his life. Mayuri is stopped in time by Zaraki Kenpachi and is forced to leave, bringing Nemu with him and telling her not to dawdle. As she leaves she gives an apologetic glance to Zaraki.

Nemu was also present at the Fukutaicho meeting regarding the situational update, but makes no comment. The next time she appears is when Mayuri fails to get both Ishida Uryuu and Inoue Orihime in a bomb trap. When Mayuri starts fighting with Ishida, Ishida deems that she is of no threat but is surprised when she tries to hold him down he attempts to shoot Mayuri after he releases his Zanpakutou. Despite that however, Mayuri slashes both of them together, and then proceeds to beat Nemu for letting go of Ishida and for asking him for life regeneration medicine, saying that she makes a fool out of him for making her so weak. Ishida manages to stop him from stabbing her on the spot.

After the fight, Nemu thanks Ishida for his actions and for not killing Mayuri, giving him the antidote to Mayuris poison. When Ishida asks why she could feel that way about someone like Mayuri, she answers that she does not understand it herself, but when she saw that Mayuri was still alive, she was a bit relieved.

Later Nemus is seen asking Mayuri after he revives in human form on the day of Rukias execution about Kotetsu Isanes message. He answers that he has no interest, and so far, nothing else has been really seen of her.

The quintessential demure and petite lady, Nemus quiet disposition and her timid attitude can be directly attributed to Mayuris treatment. Despite this, she does have a sense of justice as evidenced by her trying to stop Mayuri from committing certain crimes if possible.


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