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Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)
- release command: "Souten ni Zase!" ("Soar In The Frozen Sky!")
Creates a dragon of water and ice formed by spiritual energy, it can even control the weather. The pressure from Hyourinmaru's water attack is so fierce that it peels the ememies flesh from their bones.

Ban-Kai: Dai Guren Hyourin Maru (Great Red Ice Ring)

Hitsugaya Toushirou is the 10th Squad Captain with Matsumoto Rangiku, one of the eight major female shinigami, as his Vice Captain. Hitsugaya and Hinamori Momo, Vice Captain of 5th Squad, have a history together, as seen in Episode 46 where Hinamori endearingly refers to him as Whitey-chan. At that moment in time as Hinamori was working to become a shinigami, Hitsugaya thought nothing of it because all he wanted was to eat watermelon and for Hinamori to stop calling him Whitey-chan. She told him that if he could be at the same level as she was then she would stop calling him Whitey-chan. Presently he is now seen as a shinigami prodigy because of his achievement of a high rank at such a young age. He can be characterized as somewhat of a take-charge type of character in BLEACH. Upon overhearing a conversation between Ichimaru Gin and 5th Squad Captain Aizen Sousuke he acts on his suspicions warning certain people about the sketchy 3rd Squad (Ichimaru Gin and Kira Izuru).

Hitsugayas suspicions seemingly turn into reality when Hinamori wakes up from a night spent at Aizens place to discover that he is not there and rushes off to a Vice Captain meeting. She takes a shortcut only to arrive on time to witness Aizens corpse situated on a wall with a sword pierced through his upper abdomen causing a trail of blood to run down the entire wall behind him. The situation goes from bad to worse as Ichimaru arrives and Hinamori attempts to attack him because he appeared to be the most likely suspect in this brutal murder. Kira jumps in to protect his superior from Hinamoris emotional outburst but Hitsugaya intervenes before the two can shikai each other to death. He cares for Hinamori very much which is why he tries to open her eyes to see that her action is most inappropriate at a moment such as this (discovering your leaders dead body). Toushirou has them both arrested and makes the threat to Gin that if he makes Hinamori spill one drop of blood, hell be breathing his last breath. In Episode 36 while Hinamori is in jail Matsumoto pays her a visit and hands her a letter addressed to her from her beloved Captain. Hitsugaya found the letter in Aizens quarters and it turned out to be what he was scribing the night that Hinamori paid him a visit. The letter held a warning of things to come and also reveals the schemes and plots of a certain someone among The Gotei 13.

During the absence of the leaders of 5th Squad, Hitsugaya takes over their business and paperwork with the help of Matsumoto Rangiku, his Vice Captain. As they are settled in the Administrative Office word comes from one of their officers that Hinamori has escaped and they suspect that she is hunting down Ichimaru. He goes off to save her not knowing that what Aizen wrote in the letter was that he, Hitsugaya Toushirou, was the one that murdered Captain Aizen. Episode 47 exposes all this and there is a face off between Hitsugaya, Hinamori, and Ichimaru. Hinamori attacks Toushirou as she whole-heartedly believed everything that Aizen wrote because she idolized the man for most of her Death God career. Hitsugaya strikes his confused friend in order to avoid further turmoil and then seeks to keep to his word of killing Gin if he ever made Hinamori spill blood. Episode 48 displays Hitsugayas shikai, Hyourinmaru, or Ice Ring as he fights with Ichimaru. The fight ceases when Rangiku appears after feeling the reiatsu of Toushirous shi-kai and stops Gins attack on Hinamoris unconscious body.

The letter, we find out, was completely false as it depicted Hitsugaya as the one plotting to destroy Soul Society with the Soukyoku. At this instance Rukias execution had been frequently moved up until it will finally take place within 29 hours. Hitsugaya realizes that he needs to take action and he and Matsumoto quickly move to try and prevent the execution.

If you have been following the manga you know that Aizen is not the good guy he appeared to be and yes he is still alive. All this time he was manipulating everyone so that he could get a very important object out of Rukia. Hitsugaya makes an attempt to stop him only to get beaten and stomped on in the end, even when he used his ban-kai. In Chapter 194 Aizen has birthed a newer stronger breed of bad guys called Arankaru, powerful half ex-shinigami, half hollows. Captain Hitsugaya along with Renji, Rangiku, Yumichika, and Ikkaku arrive in the human world and surprise Ichigo at school in Chapter 195. This chapter also marks the return of Rukia. They are here to help fight the inevitable war that is going to happen and while they are at it they will be attending school with everyone!

10th Division 10th_vice_captain

Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai → Shi-Kai: Hai Neko (Ash Cat) - release command → "Roar!" Ban-Kai → None

Making her first appearance as a very bothered Vice-Captain in the meeting called for all Vice-Captains, Rangiku may strike many males as one of the better looking females of Soul Societys top echelons, even if the major reason being her cleavage.

Nevertheless, during the report, she gains an attitude of seriousness that immediately sets the record straight she will do her duty whenever needed, and back it up with a serious attitude and her combat skills if need be.

She is also the one who holds Hinamori Momo after her little skirmish with Kira Izuru, when her Captain, Hitsugaya Toushirou orders them arrested. She then had a little conversation with Hinamori while the latter was being kept in the 5th Squad cells and handed her a letter addressed to her by Aizen, that Hitsugaya had found in Aizens room.

A scene before the escape of the three Vice-Captains, Hinamori, Kira and Abarai Renji, tells us a little about Rangikus history. When young, she was about to die of starvation when a boy hands her something to eat. That boy, Ichimaru Gin, saved her life, and for that she is forever grateful to him, even going so far as to like him.

Later, when Hitsugaya faces off with Ichimaru Gin, she stops Ichimarus blade from killing an unconscious Hinamori, thus saving Hinamoris life. It is then that she wonders where Ichimaru will go from there. While thus occupied with their own thoughts, a message comes via a hell butterfly for them stating that the execution of Kuchiki Rukia was being pushed forward. Hitsugaya, determined to get to the bottom of the matter, realizes that the only way to do so would be to stop the execution. He thus orders Rangiku to follow him to Center 46, where they make the shocking discovery later that the entire Center 46 has been massacred.

Following Kiras bait, Hitsugaya later returns to Center 46 upon being told that Hinamori had been following them. When Hitsugaya leaves, Kira releases his own Zanpakutou to fight against Rangiku who had been ordered to continue the chase. Despite blocking Kiras attacks, the ability of Kiras Zanpakutou doubles her weapons weight seven times, forcing her to release her own Zanpakutou. She defeats him and then learns of the truth behind Center 46.

When she arrives at the Sougyoku, she holds Ichimarus arm and places her Zanpakutou on his neck, asking him not to move and effectively placing him under arrest. When the Gillians Negashion comes down to save Ichimaru however, she releases her hold upon him. Ichimaru then expresses his regret that she could have held onto him a little longer, and that he was sorry. He then bids her a farewell.

Later, Rangiku is dismayed over this turn of events, but when Kira turns up to apologize to her, she asks him to forget everything, and to join her in a revelry of sake which ends up with all of them being drunk.

Rangiku is now in the living world, having just fought off an Arrancar by lifting the limit that is placed upon all Vice-Captains and Captains and their spirit power when they enter the living world. She currently resides with Inoue Orihime.

Rangiku is a fun woman at heart, and this shows when she is not embarrassed to talk about her cleavage openly, especially in the scene where Hitsugaya brings Kira to her for the latters apology. Her serious side for duty and work also shows through her dedication to follow her Captain and solve the mystery behind Rukias execution, and also to attempt to stop Ichimaru despite her liking for him. Truly a good mix of the fun and the serious, Rangiku also loves looking pretty, and, of course, she has the beauty deserving of praise, even aside from her cleavage.


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