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For Anti-Chalga and Anime fans!
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 3th Division

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Ryuugu Rena ~
Ryuugu Rena ~

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Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai: Wabisuke (Apologise)
- release command: "Omote wo Agero!" ("Show Your Face!")
Kira’s zanpakutou becomes longer and makes two sharp ninety degree angles at the end of the blade. Until the fight with Matsumoto, the only two people who knew his Shi-Kai were Hinamori Momo and Abarai Renji.

Its name is “Wabisuke” (Apologize) because of the nature of the zanpakutou’s power. To quote Kira directly, “My sword increases the weight of anything it touches. Each hit doubles the weight of your sword. When the opponent can no longer handle the weight, he kneels on the ground, and sticks out his head as if begging for forgiveness.”

Ban-Kai: None

Vice-Captain Kira Izuru served under Ichimaru Gin in the Third Division. To the best of our knowledge, the Third Division is still without a captain, so it could be assumed that Kira is acting captain of the Third until there is a replacement.

Kira wears the standard shinigami robes with his vice-captain insignia attached to his arm. He has straw blond hair that falls over his left eye and falls to his shoulders. When he began at the Shinigami Academy his hair was similar to its current style, but shorter.

At first glance, Kira appears to be depressed, but in reality, he’s just a bundle of nerves. Kira while under Aizen Sousuke's hypnosisb attack his friend Hinamori Momo after she made an attempt to kill Ichimaru Gin. Kira was put into a jail cell(For releasing his zanpuktou) after stopping Hinamori Momo from trying to kill his captain after Aizen was “murdered.” Gin later freed him from his jail cell, the only of the three imprisoned vice-captains (himself, Renji, and Hinamori) to not destroy have to destroy his cell to get out.

In an omake chapter directly preceding Kira’s, Renji’s, and Hinamori’s escapes, it is revealed that Kira entered the Shinigami Academy after his parents’ deaths, and was proud that he got in on his first attempt at the exam as opposed to the already famous Hisagi Shuuhei’s three. He, like Hinamori and Renji, was put in freshman class one for his potential as a powerful shinigami.

Kira has a close friendship with both Renji and Hinamori because of an incident during their freshman year. On a standard training exercise led by sixth year Hisagi Shuuhei, Renji, Hinamori, and Kira were grouped together. All went well until the end of the exercise when the class was attacked by a group of giant Hollows. After being told to run, Hinamori turned back to see Shuuhei in trouble and ran back to help. Somewhat reluctantly, Renji and Kira joined her, and wind up saving Shuuhei. That incident led directly to the group’s first encounter with Captain Aizen of the Fifth Division and his then vice-captain, Ichimaru Gin. It is later revealed in Aizen’s revelations that he thought that he could use all three of them, and went to some trouble to make sure all three were part of the Fifth Division. After some time he transferred Renji to the Eleventh, kept Hinamori in the Fifth, and sent Kira to the Third after Gin became captain.

Renji, Hinamori and Kira are still friends, and when Hinamori finds Renji’s vice captain insignia after he left to find Ichigo, Kira is the first and only person Hinamori tells. Kira suggests they keep it to themselves, as not to get their friend in trouble.

Kira is obviously a powerful and faithful shinigami. Even when he is given orders he knows are wrong, he follows them because that’s what subordinates are supposed to do. As a result he winds up trying to follow through on orders to distract the Tenth Division captain, Hitsugaya Toushirou. However, when he alerts Hitsugaya of Hinamori’s presence, he winds up fighting Hitsugaya’s vice captain Matsumoto Rangiku.

In that battle Kira releases his shi-kai and begins to attack Matsumoto. She parried his blows, but it wasn’t until after he had hit her sword seven times that he told her what his zanpakutou’s power is. At first Matsumoto looks worried, but then she reveals her shikai, which is to scatter into a fine dust. The outcome of the battle is unknown, but it can be assumed that Matsumoto won after seeing the look on Kira’s face.

After the mess with Aizen starts to die down, Kira visits Matsumoto at the Tenth Division headquarters to apologize and winds up joining her in a drinking binge to try to forget about what a traitor Gin was. While Matsumoto is completely capable of holding her liquor, Kira passes out.

Overall, Kira is a good man, but is often hindered by his feelings of obligation to his superiors.


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3th Division
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