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Ryuugu Rena ~

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Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Suzumebachi (Sparrow Hornet)
- release command: "Jinteki Syakusetsu!" (Sting All Your Enemies to Death)
First seen when fighting with Yoruichi, Soi Fong’s zanpakutou changes drastically in appearance and ability. When transformed, Suzumbachi takes the form of a glove that fits to Soi Fong’s Right Hand, with a chain attaching the “stinger” to the top of the glove. With a cone-like shape, the “stinger” sits on Soi Fong’s middle finger, extending at a length about twice as far as the normal extension of the finger, allowing Soi Fong’s striking distance to increase slightly. Ornately decorated in gold and black, the zanpakutou is fitting of the name as the pattern and shapes resemble that of a hornet or bee.

Totally integrated into her natural abilities with shyunpo, Suzumbachi’s ability indeed proves deadly. Called Nigeki Kessatsu ‘Death in Two Steps’, Soi Fong stabs her enemy with the Suzumbachi’s blade. Not only leaving a rather deep wound, the attack leaves a stamp on the user’s body. Spreading from the center of wound, the ‘death stamp’ known as a houmonka or ‘Hornet’s Rune Flower’ becomes the target of Soi Fong’s second attack. If struck in the same spot that was hit the first time, the person will evidently die and thus illustrating ‘Death in Two Steps’.

Ban-Kai: Unknown

Soi Fong's family carries a long line of serving the Scret Mobile Forces, placing her in a position to follow those footsteps. From what appeared to be an impressionable young age, she was sent to the Mobile forces, her name changed from Fong Shaolin to Soi Fong on the day she became a Shinigami. She soon became the personal bodyguard of Yoruichi Shihouin, who became a sisterly figure to Soi Fong, as she followed in her superior's footsteps.

After Yoruichi disappeared from Soul Society, Soi Fong was almost broken hearted; she'd have rather abandoned Soul SOciety herself than to be apart from the most important person in her life. This sadness soon turned to bitterness, as Soi Fong made it her personal goal to become better than Yoruichi had ever been, harboring the dream that she would one day defeat her former commander. She rose to become the new Commander of the Secret Mobile Forces, as well as being Captain of the Second Division.

During the Soul Society Arc, she was presented with that chance, battling Shihouin intensly as combat at the execution grounds began. There, she proved to be Yoruichi's equal in unarmed combat, and used her Shikai in order to tip the scales in her favor. As this plan didn't worked out, due to her opponent's strong survival skills allowing her to avoid the instant death, Soi Fong declared that she would win with the new technique she had created, known as Shunko. Much to her dismay, she discovered that Yoruichi had discovered this ability before her, and that even she had yet to master it, but was able to defeat her with a single attack from it.

The pair reconsiled their differences, placing Soi Fong back where she belonged; at the side of her ex-commander. There, the two women briefly captured Aizen Sousuke, before the Menos Army came to his rescue. In later ventures, she would assist Yoruichi during the time of the Bount filler arc, making first contact with them, and reporting it back to Soul Society while Shihouin relayed it to Urahara and Ichigo.

First impressions made Soi Fong appear as a rigid follower of Soul Society's laws and order, with a cold streak unrivaled among the Captains of the Gotei 13. She is seen almost always scowling before the events at the Execution ground, and reacted with much anger when Yoruichi made her arrival. In combat, she was more precision than anything, her mind kept in a total focus, though she was also the victim of some pride, which was usually a drawback for her when facing off against her past leader. Her early years in the Secret Mobile Forces showed a much more shy and reserved indivdual, who was far too caught up in formalities for the taste of Yoruichi, who tried to wear Soi Fong down to just calling her by her actual name, rather than some position. The pair formed a deep sister-like bond between them, that was torn apart when Yoruichi left Soul Society.

After their reunion, that bond seemed to return in Soi Fong's heart, though it is not as well recieved with Yoruichi. In the anime, they are seen to work together whenever Soul Society and Ichigo's companions join forces, both during the Bount filler arc and in the Bleach OVA, the Sealed Sword Frenzy. Additionally, in the non-canon Omakes at the end of the episodes, Soi Fong is seen as trying to present a gift of chocolate to Yoruichi, her cheeks red as she acted rather sheepishly, possibly implying romantic feelings.

Having modeled herself after Yoruichi, Soi Fong's fighting style is very similar to hers, and uses hand-to-hand combat as a basis rather than the more traditional useage of a Zanpakutou. Like Shihouin, who had taught Soi Fong much of her affective skills when she was under her leadership, she makes use of high speed attacks using both hands and feet, as well as flexible acrobatics and Shunpo. Like Yoruichi, Soi Fong also learned Shunko (Flash Cry) through personally discovery.

Her Zanpakutou, known as Suzumebachi (Hornet), is one of the more interesting forms within the series, taking on the form of a gauntlet with a single "stinger"; it even possesses a yellow and black color scheme, likening it to a bee or wasp. It's unique power creates the image of a butterfly on a person's body when it makes contact, and striking the same point a second time, with the butterflies as markers of this place, the user can grant an instant death to the victim. Soi Fong implies that this was incomplete when Yoruichi last saw it, as the butterflies faded away over time, but now that she had had several years of experience, the marks do not fade away at all, unless Soi Fong wills them to herself. The activation command for this Zanpakutou is "Jinteki Shakusetsu" (Sting all enemies to

death) NAME -
Soi Fong was born as Fong Shaolin, a member of one of the lower noble houses, noted as a servant clan to the Shihouin noble house. Members of the Fong Family who did not pass the test to get into the Covert Ops were immediately cut off from the family, which brings to light the importance of service to that family.

2nd Division 2nd_vice_captain

Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai: Gegetsuburi- release command: "Smash Him Into Bits!"
When released, Gegetsuburi changes from its sword shape to something resembling a giant mace. A giant ball with protruding spikes is attached to a sword hilt by a chain. Marechiyo’s shikai abilities are unknown because he was defeated before it could be seen.

Ban-Kai: None.

Marechiyo is the vice captain of the second division under Soi Fon. He wears the standard shinigami robes as well as a scarf, which possibly indicates his wealth, like Byakuya’s. He also wears several rings and bracelets. He is boorish, perverted, and wants Soi Fon to fall in love with him. His blunt manner generally angers the already touchy Soi Fon, but when given orders he follows them. Their relationship is not a particularly close one, as with some of the other captains and vice captains. He is as big, cool-tempered and burly as Soi Fon is small, quick, and angry. It appears to take a lot to actually get Marechiyo angry, but not much at all to get him to over-react. Marechiyo comes from the high nobility of Seireitei and is often seen lording it over his fellow shinigami.

The only time Marechiyo has been seen in battle is in the brief moment that Soi Fon ordered all remaining vice captains (Marechiyo, Koutetsu Isane, and Sasakibe Choujirou) to recapture Rukia after Soukyoku was destroyed. However, that instance can not be used to efficiently gauge his strength, because Ichigo was underestimated and beat all three of vice captains in less than a minute without using Zangetsu.

Most of Marechiyo’s appearances have been in the color omake chapters, which portray him as rich, condescending, perverted, and irritating to his comrades and captain.


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