For anti-chalga and anime fans!

For Anti-Chalga and Anime fans!
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 Shinoda Miu (Myu) & Matsumoto Asami (Yuri Kousaka)

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Ryuugu Rena ~
Ryuugu Rena ~

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Shinoda Miu (Myu) & Matsumoto Asami (Yuri Kousaka) Empty
ПисанеЗаглавие: Shinoda Miu (Myu) & Matsumoto Asami (Yuri Kousaka)   Shinoda Miu (Myu) & Matsumoto Asami (Yuri Kousaka) EmptyНед Авг 31, 2008 12:11 am

Shinoda Miu a.k.a. Myu

A placid and soft-spoken actress who shares a boarding house with Blast and Yuri. She is older than she looks (27) and her name is often mispronounced "Myū" by Nobu. Miu wears long sleeves to hide the scars on her wrists from self-mutilation. Also, in volume 11 (the volume where she first appears), it's shown that she's a very good mahjong player (she claimed that she learnt her skills by having special training for her role in a mahjong movie as a nameless rival). She is currently dating Yasu.

Matsumoto Asami a.k.a Yuri Kousaka

A giggly, giddy AV idol (porn star) who shares a boarding house with Blast and Miu. She's currently dating Nobu. She has a large quota to pay off and is almost done paying it all off. Yuri was a teenage runaway before she starred in adult videos, and she has financial problems due to her sleazy manager and her own fickle nature. Her real name is "Asami Matsumoto".

Shinoda Miu (Myu) & Matsumoto Asami (Yuri Kousaka) 33ah4t1
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Shinoda Miu (Myu) & Matsumoto Asami (Yuri Kousaka)
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