For anti-chalga and anime fans!

For Anti-Chalga and Anime fans!
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 Satsuki & Ren Ichinose

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Ryuugu Rena ~
Ryuugu Rena ~

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The daughter of Nana Komatsu. Not much known about her, and she makes only a few appearances later in the series. When she appears, she is 6 years old (presumably showing the future outlook of the story). During her pregnancy, Hachi and Takumi unofficially called her 'Sachiko'. It is not known if she is truly Takumi's or Nobu's child, but bears a striking resemblance to Takumi, with black hair and hazel eyes. She is revealed to have a crush on Shin, though his reciprocation (or even his knowledge of her feelings) is unlikely. Her name, Satsuki, was chosen by Ren at the request of Hachi, who was unable to think up any name other than 'Sachiko'. It is indicated that little Ren may be her brother as once her mother had asked whether she would give her Valentine chocolates to "brother" .

Ren Ichinose

A morose young boy initially seen in the company of Reira during the segments depicting the future. It is implied that he is Takumi and Hachi's son and Satsuki Ichinose's brother. He is living in London with Takumi and does not want to return to Japan. In the future, Reira apparently has given up singing, but will sing when Ren plays the guitar for her.

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Satsuki & Ren Ichinose
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