For anti-chalga and anime fans!

For Anti-Chalga and Anime fans!
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 Junko & Kyosuke

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Ryuugu Rena ~
Ryuugu Rena ~

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Junko & Kyosuke C079

Junko & Kyosuke C080

Hachi's sensible, no-nonsense best friend. Junko is much more emotionally mature than Hachi and often pushes her to be more independent and responsible. She's the host of the omake (bonus) section at the end of each manga volume, reading fan mail and displaying fan art. She's often called "Jun-chan" by Hachi.

Junko's boyfriend who currently shares an apartment with her. He's also good friends with Hachi and Shoji. His laid-back attitude to life may deem him a slacker in the eyes of many, but he's actually quite perceptive and he coddles Hachi more than Junko would like. Both him and Junko are studying to become artists (his art being Romantic and hers being Post-Modernistic).

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Junko & Kyosuke
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