For anti-chalga and anime fans!

For Anti-Chalga and Anime fans!
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 Ichinose Takumi

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Ryuugu Rena ~

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The leader and bassist of Trapnest. He is quite handsome and has a reputation of being a playboy. Despite his raw sexual charisma, Takumi can also be cold and controlling workaholic. His favorite brand of cigarettes is "Gitanes". Coming from a family with an alcoholic and bitter father, he and his older sister learned maternal independence at a young age due to his mother being bed-ridden with illness in the hospital. He looked after Layla since they were children and always harbored a brother-like care for her. He ends up dating and sleeping with Hachi, which dubiously resulted in Hachi's pregnancy. For some reason, maybe because of his family background or he's starting to get possessive, he refuses to leave Hachi and the unborn child despite Hachi's uncertainty whether it's his or Nobu's. In a previous chapter, Naoki said something to Yasu about Takumi not letting the woman he's infatuated with run away that easily; and Ren saying that Takumi hates getting into such mess, which hints that Takumi took responsibility not just only because of sheer sense of responsibility but he's starting to care for her.

In the end, Takumi is one of the most confusing characters in this manga. Like what Hachiko once said, with Takumi, it is hard to tell whether it's love or business.

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