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 Mai Tokiha

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Age : 23
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Mai Tokiha Mai

Age: 16
DOB: July 22
Height: 157 cm (5' 1.8")
Weight: 46 kg (101.2 lbs.)
Blood type: O
B/W/H: 87/56/83

Mai is the protagonist of the My-HiME anime series. She is portrayed as a self-reliant person, hesitant to tell others about her problems. She is a first-year high school student, and her roommate is Mikoto Minagi. Her stated hobbies are working part-time jobs and taking care of Takumi.

In episode 1, Mai and her brother Takumi take a ferry to their new school, Fuka Academy. On the trip, Mai meets Yuuichi Tate, with whom she begins a love-hate relationship. Mai resuscitates a girl who was found in the river, Mikoto Minagi. Mikoto and a mysterious attacker (later shown to be Natsuki Kuga) battle on the ferry, revealing magical powers; during this battle, Mai finds out she has powers similar to the two.

Mai meets and befriends many other students, including Mikoto and Natsuki, in episodes 2 and 3. Being informed by Nagi Homura that her brother is in a nearby forest, she finds him under attack by an Orphan. Mai's materializes her Elements for the first time and also acquires her Child, Kagutsuchi, which she uses to defeat the Orphan.

In the following episodes, Mai continues to fight Orphans along with Mikoto and Natsuki, becoming especially close to Mikoto. Mai picks up a part-time job at the Lindem Baum restaurant, where she works with her future teacher Midori Sugiura. She begins a romantic relationship with Reito Kanzaki, whom she reveals her HiME powers to in episode 8. In episodes 14 and 15 Mai joins with the other known HiME in freeing Fuka Academy from Searrs' control. Mai and Kagutsuchi block Alyssa Searrs' attack and defeat her Child.

Beginning with episode 17, Mai becomes more unsure of her desires; she cannot decide between Yuuichi and Reito, and she feels abandoned when Takumi starts to be more independent. Mai attempts to stop the fighting between HiME and instructs Mikoto not to fight. She later becomes enraged at Mikoto when in episode 20 it appears the latter is responsible for the disappearance of Takumi, although Mai herself feels responsible as well.

Mai becomes increasingly attracted to Yuuichi, leading up to episode 24 when Yuuichi saves her from defeat at Yukariko Sanada's hands. A phantom HiME who had been attacking Mai in previous episodes reveals herself to be Shiho Munakata, Yuuichi's childhood friend and Mai's romantic rival. Shiho's defeat by Mikoto leads to the death of Yuuichi, driving Mai into despair.

In episode 25 she resolves to stop the Obsidian Lord, who is behind the carnival. Nagi leads her to the Obsidian Palace where the Obsidian Lord (in Reito's body) and Mikoto are waiting. In her battle with Mikoto in episode 26, she declares her love (in a sisterly context) for Mikoto, breaking the Obsidian Lord's control over her. Yuuichi is revived and resuces Mai during the battle with the Obsidian Lord. Yuuichi confesses his love for Mai, much to her pleasant surprise. Mai later defeats the Obsidian Lord with Kagutsuchi, returning school life to normal. Her and Tate enter a relationship and are about to share their first kiss when they are rudely interrupted.

Element and Child

In the anime, Mai's elements are a set of 4 golden rings around her wrists and ankles. The rings allow her to use fire-based attacks and the power of flight. Mai also is capable of creating barriers around herself to block attacks. Mai's HiME mark is located on her right breast,which is said to be controlled by Cancer, her Zodiac sign.

Her Child is Kagutsuchi, a dragon-like creature capable of spitting destructive fiery balls. It also is capable of melee fighting, and has a jet mode which allows it to travel at high speeds.The sword in its head, the Sword of Sealing, made by the Obsidian Lord, acts as a seal on its powers, allowing the Obsidian Lord to suppress it when needed. During the final battle, the HiME's attack on the HiME star weakens the Obsidian Lord and destroys the sword, loosening the control and allows Kagutsuchi full access to all its power to destroy the Obsidian Lord within Reito.

In the beginning of the series, Kagutsuchi appears to be by far the strongest Child among other HiME's childs. Toward the end of the series, when stronger Childs appear (e.g. Shizuru's Kiyohime and Mikoto's real Miroku), Kagutsuchi's power is challenged. However, when its seal is finally removed, it is doubtful that there is any Child that can come close to its power.

In the manga, she starts off with her trademark rings already as a HiME and is fairly skilled at fighting. Her Key is Yuuichi Tate, and her Child is Kagutsuchi.

When she becomes a QUEEN, she becomes even more powerful and is able to summon a darker Kagutsuchi without the use of a Key. She gains two larger rings of fire floating behind her back, in addition to her standard 4 rings.

In the final battle, Kagutsuchi draws itself into the sword stuck in its head, creating the Sword of Kagutsuchi which Mai, Yuuichi and Natsuki wield to bring down the HiME STAR CHILD that had absorbed her brother.

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